The Englewood Amateur Radio Society, Inc

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Exam Schedule

Port Charlotte United Methodist Church
21075 Quesada Ave
we test on the 3rd Thu of each mouth at 7pm
CALL (941) 629-7933 FOR MORE INFO
Candidates must bring: 

	(1) Original license and a copy of that license. 

	(2) Original CSCE's and a copy of each CSCE. 

	(3) Either a Social Security card for those being examined for the first time,
	    or the FRN (FCC Registration Number) for those holding a current license. 

	(4) Two forms of identification. 

	(5) A check in the amount of $14.00 payable to "ARRL/VEC" is required. 

EARS also conducts training programs for all license classes.
All programs run 12 weeks and are held at a site local to the Englewood area.
Sessions are scheduled in the fall, winter and spring semesters.
Please contact Ken or John if you are interested or have any questions.

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